The company’s focus on excellence is reflected by the dedication and care Marcegaglia México pays in any phase of its production including documental support.

Marcegaglia’s certified production system ensures that products are completely traceable throughout the entire production chain, from the original material to chemical and mechanical properties, to guarantee absolute suitability for the specific applications in accordance with the relevant standards.

Each refrigeration component is inspected and subjected to tests that guarantee its correct operation and long durability.

Marcegaglia Mexico offers and manufactures products to the market with the highest quality under the following certifications and norm compliances:



  • Gaging test
  • Dimensional test
  • Leak testing (Pressure decay)
  • Leak test (Bubble test)
  • Dynamometer testing
  • Paint ASTM standard testing
  • Elcometer thickness measurement
  • Torque meter
  • Destructive test


  • Soluble internal residue test
  • Insoluble internal residue test
  • Humidity chamber
  • Salt Spray chamber
  • Dimensional test
  • Vision Measurement system
  • Universal Machine tester
  • Photomicrograph analisys
  • Hardness test
  • Tensile strength test